2022 iPad Air Wi-Fi 64GB - Blue (5th generation)


iPad Air

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iPad Air

SKU: MM9E3HN/A 194252795088

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Color - Blue

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Discover the Apple iPad Air at Imagine: Unmatched Performance in Your Choice of [Color] and [Storage]

Imagine, a premier seller of Apple products, proudly introduces the Apple iPad Air , a fusion of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic elegance. Available in various [color] options and [storage] capacities, this iPad meets the demands of both professionals and tech enthusiasts. Equipped with the powerful M1 chip, the iPad Air M1 offers unmatched performance, making it ideal for everything from professional artistry to academic pursuits.

The Apple iPad Air edition enhances this experience with a Liquid Retina display that exemplifies visual brilliance, suitable for both entertainment and professional tasks. Compatible with the Apple Pencil 2, it seamlessly transforms into a digital canvas or a note-taking powerhouse. Priced competitively, especially the Apple iPad Air price in India, it represents significant value.At Imagine, we ensure that owning an iPad Air M1 is a smooth experience, backed by comprehensive Apple iPad repair services. Imagine remains committed to bringing you the forefront of Apple’s innovative technology, making each upgrade a step into the future.

Harnessing the Power of the Apple iPad Air M1 Chip:

The Apple iPad Air M1 introduces the groundbreaking M1 chip to Apple's popular tablet line, setting a new standard for speed and efficiency. With its 8-core CPU, the M1 chip enables up to 3.5 times faster performance compared to earlier models like the Apple iPad Air 4 and Apple iPad Air 2, making it a powerhouse for both productivity and entertainment.The M1's 8-core GPU escalates graphics performance by up to six times, perfect for users of the Apple iPad Air 2022 who engage in high-end gaming or professional graphic design. This exceptional power doesn't compromise battery life; instead, it maximizes efficiency, allowing the Apple iPad Air 5th generation to excel in enduring performance throughout the day.

Compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2 enhances the iPad Air M1’s usability, making tasks such as pairing the Apple Pencil with the iPad intuitive and swift—ideal for those who use their tablets as digital notebooks or artistic canvases. The Apple iPad Air 5th Gen benefits significantly from these advancements, providing tools that are not only powerful but also user-friendly.For those considering an upgrade or purchase, the Apple iPad Air price in India offers remarkable value for such cutting-edge technology. The incorporation of the M1 chip in the iPad Air ensures that it remains a leading choice for anyone looking for a tablet that offers both high performance and reliability.

Styling Your Technology with the Apple iPad Air: Explore the Color Variants

Color Description
Purple The Purple Apple iPad Air is a striking choice that combines sophistication with a playful edge. Ideal for those who enjoy standing out, its vibrant hue is both eye-catching and stylish, making it a popular choice for creatives and anyone who wants to add a pop of color to their tech collection.
Starlight Starlight offers a subtle, almost metallic sheen that blends silver and pale gold tones, creating a sophisticated and versatile appearance. This color is perfect for users who prefer their devices to have a luxurious yet understated look, complementing any setting from the boardroom to the coffee shop.
Blue The Blue Apple iPad Air exudes a cool, calming vibe with its soothing shade. It's an excellent choice for those who appreciate a touch of serenity in their everyday devices. This color not only looks good but also stands out in a sea of traditional tech hues, making it a favorite among the fashion-forward tech users.
Space Gray Space Gray continues to be a preferred option for its refined and professional look. This color is perfect for those who seek a sleek, timeless finish that pairs well with both personal and professional accessories, ensuring that your device always looks polished and ready for any task
Pink Pink brings a fun yet professional touch to the Apple iPad Air, offering a bright and cheerful option that doesn't compromise on style. It's particularly favored by those who like to express their personality through their gadgets while maintaining a sense of sophistication in their tech repertoire

Capture and Create: Exploring the Advanced Camera Features of the Apple iPad Air

The Apple iPad Air is equipped with advanced camera technology that makes it an excellent device for both photography enthusiasts and professionals who need to capture high-quality images or engage in video communications. The rear-facing camera is capable of taking stunning photos with sharp detail and vibrant colors thanks to its wide aperture and advanced image signal processor. This setup ensures excellent performance in various lighting conditions, enhancing both the clarity and color accuracy of the photos.For video calls and selfies, the front-facing camera on the iPad Air provides robust features. It supports Center Stage, a feature that uses machine learning to adjust the frame based on the movement of the user. This is particularly useful during video conferences, as it keeps the user perfectly framed even if they move, making it ideal for dynamic presentations or virtual family gatherings.

Additionally, the camera system supports 4K video recording, slow-motion video, and time-lapse photography, offering a range of creative possibilities for content creators. The high-resolution output ensures that whether you are recording a tutorial, a professional meeting, or capturing memories, the results are always crisp and engaging.Overall, the camera capabilities of the Apple iPad Air enhance its versatility, making it not just a tool for browsing and apps, but also a powerful device for multimedia creation and communication.

Choose Your Space: Exploring Storage Options for the Apple iPad Air

Storage Description
64GB The 64GB version of the Apple iPad Air is an excellent choice for users who manage their device storage efficiently or primarily use cloud services for their data needs. This storage capacity is suitable for those who engage in general browsing, streaming, and lighter app usage. It provides ample space for a reasonable amount of apps, documents, and media, making it a smart option for students, casual users, and professionals who don't require extensive local storage for large files or complex applications.
128GB The 128GB Apple iPad Air is perfect for users who need more room than the basic model provides but don't want to stretch to higher-end storage options. This capacity is well-suited for those who store a moderate amount of large files, such as videos, high-resolution photos, and multi-faceted apps. It strikes an excellent balance between cost and capacity, making it a popular choice for professionals and creators who require extra space for their creative projects and presentations without overcommitting financially.
256GB For those who push their devices to the limit, the 256GB iPad Air offers ample space to store extensive app libraries, large video files, and extensive photo collections. This option is ideal for professional photographers, videographers, and app developers who need significant local storage to manage their projects efficiently. The 256GB model provides the freedom to install and use high-demand applications and store larger files directly on the device, ensuring everything you need is always at your fingertips.
512GB The 512GB version of the iPad Air caters to users who require near-professional levels of storage. This model is particularly beneficial for those involved in video editing, 3D modeling, or who have extensive requirements for offline data access. It’s also perfect for those who prefer to keep a vast array of media and documents readily accessible without relying on cloud storage. With half a terabyte at your disposal, you can keep all your essential files, large datasets, and extensive media libraries organized and portable
1TB The 1TB Apple iPad Air is the pinnacle of storage options, designed for the ultimate user who requires extensive capacity for professional use. This is the preferred choice for tech professionals and heavy multimedia users who deal with enormous files sizes regularly, like raw video footage or comprehensive databases. With 1TB, users can effortlessly manage massive projects, extensive software suites, and keep a large collection of high-definition media without ever worrying about running out of space. This model is the ultimate in mobile computing luxury, providing desktop-level storage in a portable format.

Why the Apple iPad Air is the Best Choice for Modern Users

The Apple iPad Air is an exceptional choice for a variety of users, combining cutting-edge technology and versatile features to deliver unmatched performance. Here's why the iPad Air stands out:

Powerful Performance with the Apple M1 Chip: The integration of the Apple iPad Air M1 chip brings a leap in performance, allowing users to handle complex tasks such as video editing, 3D modeling, and large-scale multitasking with ease. This makes the Apple iPad Air 2022 model one of the most powerful tablets on the market.

Versatile Connectivity: The Apple iPad Air 5th generation supports ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 and optional 4G LTE, making it incredibly efficient for both streaming and productivity tasks. This connectivity ensures users can remain productive and entertained wherever they go.

Stunning Visuals: Each model, including the Apple iPad Air 4th generation and newer, boasts a Liquid Retina display with True Tone technology, delivering vivid colors and sharp details for an immersive viewing experience. This is ideal for both media consumption and creative projects.

Apple Pencil Compatibility: Learning how to pair Apple Pencil with iPad or how to pair Apple Pencil 2 with iPad enhances the functionality of the iPad Air, turning it into a digital notebook or artist's canvas. This feature is particularly useful for creative professionals and students.

Wide Range of Models and Features: From the Apple iPad Air 4 to the Apple iPad Air 5th gen, each generation offers improvements and new features, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. Whether you're upgrading from the Apple iPad Air 2 or considering the latest model, there's an option that fits.

Value for Money: The Apple iPad Air price in India offers significant value, especially considering the advanced features and capabilities packed into this device. It's a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for a high-performance tablet.

Future-Ready Technology: With rumors of the Apple iPad Air 6th generation, Apple continues to innovate, ensuring that the iPad Air series remains at the cutting edge of technology.

Comprehensive Support and Accessories: The availability of the Apple 20W USB-C power adapter and excellent Apple iPad repair services ensures that your iPad Air remains in top working condition, enhancing its longevity and user satisfaction.

Why Choose Imagine for Your Apple iPad Air Purchase

Choosing Imagine for your Apple product needs, including the latest Apple iPad Air, offers numerous advantages. Imagine specializes in Apple products, ensuring expert advice and a comprehensive product range. Customers enjoy exclusive deals and official Apple warranty support, enhancing their purchasing confidence. With excellent pre- and post-sale support, experience centers for hands-on trials, and regular workshops, Imagine provides a full-service approach to buying Apple devices. Whether you're upgrading to an Apple iPad Air 5th generation or interested in the new features of the Apple iPad Air M1, Imagine’s multiple store locations and robust online shopping platform make accessing these products convenient and rewarding, ensuring a top-tier customer experience.

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iPad Air
Light. Bright. Full of might.
iPad Air. With an immersive 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. The breakthrough Apple M1 chip delivers faster performance, making iPad Air a creative and mobile gaming powerhouse. Featuring Touch ID, advanced cameras, USB-C, Wi-Fi 6, capability for blazing-fast 5G, and support for Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil (2nd generation).
A beautiful 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display delivers an immersive viewing experience.
The Apple M1 chip powers a massive leap in performance, plus all-day battery life.
Touch ID is integrated into the top button, so authentication is fast, easy, and secure.
A 12MP Wide back camera and new 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage for more natural, engaging video calls.
Every iPad Air can connect to a Wi-Fi network. A Wi-Fi + Cellular model allows you to stay connected when Wi-Fi isn’t available.
Apple Pencil (2nd generation) attaches magnetically, charges wirelessly. Write, draw, and take notes.
The Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Keyboard with built-in trackpad provide a great typing experience and durable front and back protection.
Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
All-day battery life
5G capable
USB-C connector for charging and accessories
Works with Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, and Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
iPadOS 15 is uniquely powerful, easy to use, and designed for the versatility of iPad
In The Box
iPad Air
USB-C Charge Cable
20W USB-C Power Adapter
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor
Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts
Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty

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