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2021 10.2-inch iPad

9th generation
SKU: MK2P3HN/A 194252516683

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2021 10.2-inch iPad

9th generation
SKU: MK2P3HN/A 194252516683

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Unleashing Versatility: Introducing the 2021 iPad 10.2 at Imagine

Explore the powerful and versatile 2021 iPad 10.2 at Imagine, your premier Apple product retailer. This model is equipped with a beautiful 10.2-inch Retina display that brings visuals to life with stunning clarity and colors, thanks to True Tone technology. Powered by the A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, this iPad delivers incredible performance that rivals many laptops, making it perfect for everything from complex graphic design projects to everyday tasks.

This iPad is designed with productivity and creativity in mind. It supports the Apple Pencil (1st generation) and the Smart Keyboard, transforming it into a dynamic workstation for typing, sketching, and more. With up to 256GB of storage, you can save all your essential apps, documents, and media files right on your device. Available in sleek silver and classic space grey, this iPad offers powerful technology packaged in a highly portable and stylish design.

Powering Through Tasks: The A13 Bionic Chip in the 2021 iPad 10.2

The 2021 iPad 10.2 is powered by the Apple A13 Bionic chip, which brings more power and efficiency to the table than ever before. This chip features a 6-core CPU and a 4-core GPU, providing a performance boost that makes everything from browsing and gaming to app use and multimedia editing smoother and faster. The A13 Bionic also includes a 16-core Neural Engine that delivers advanced machine learning capabilities, enabling features like next-generation augmented reality (AR) and more intelligent performance across the board.This robust processing power means the iPad can handle a multitude of tasks with ease, whether it's rendering complex graphics, processing high-resolution videos, or managing multiple apps simultaneously. The efficiency of the A13 Bionic chip also contributes to the iPad's long battery life, allowing users to enjoy up to 10 hours of use on a single charge without performance hitches.

The inclusion of this powerful chip in the 2021 iPad 10.2 makes it an ideal choice for users who need a device that can keep up with demanding applications and multitasking without compromising on speed or battery life. It's a perfect blend of performance and efficiency, tailor-made for everything from professional tasks to everyday entertainment.

Stylish Choices: Color Options for the 2021 iPad 10.2

Color Description
Silver The Silver variant of the 2021 iPad 10.2 exudes a classic and clean look that never goes out of style. This lighter color reflects light beautifully, enhancing the sleek lines and thin profile of the iPad. Silver is perfect for users who appreciate a minimalist and bright appearance. It's also a popular choice for those who want their device to stand out in a subtle yet impactful way.

Capture Every Moment: Advanced Camera System of the 2021 iPad 10.2

The 2021 iPad 10.2 is equipped with an advanced camera system that enhances both photography and video communication capabilities. On the back, the iPad features an 8MP Wide camera that captures high-resolution photos with remarkable clarity and vibrant colors. This camera is perfect for everyday snapshots, document scanning, and even augmented reality experiences, thanks to its precise and detailed imaging capabilities.The front of the iPad boasts a 12MP Ultra Wide camera, which includes the innovative Center Stage feature. Center Stage automatically adjusts the frame during video calls, keeping you centered and in focus even as you move around. This is particularly useful for virtual meetings, online classes, and family video calls, ensuring that you stay connected and look your best no matter the scenario.

In addition to capturing stunning still images, the camera system supports HD video recording, allowing you to create professional-quality videos directly from your iPad. Features like slow-motion and time-lapse video add creative flexibility, making it easier to produce dynamic and engaging content.

Overall, the camera system of the 2021 iPad 10.2 is designed to meet a wide range of needs, from casual photography and video chatting to more sophisticated multimedia creation. Whether you are documenting important moments, attending virtual events, or creating content, this iPad provides the tools you need to capture every moment with precision and ease.

Expanding Horizons: Storage Options for the 2021 iPad 10.2

Storage Description
256GB The 256GB version of the 2021 iPad 10.2 caters to more intensive users who require significantly more storage space for their larger files and applications. This capacity is perfect for creative professionals working with photo and video editing software, as well as individuals who like to download and store large quantities of media, including movies, music, and games. The 256GB iPad offers the flexibility to keep an extensive library of documents, apps, and media files directly on the device, ensuring that everything you need is always accessible, even without an internet connection.

Why the 2021 iPad 10.2 is the Best Choice: Versatility and Value

The 2021 iPad 10.2 stands out as the best choice for a wide range of users, combining versatility, powerful features, and exceptional value. Here are the key reasons why this iPad is the top pick:

Powerful A13 Bionic Chip: The iPad is powered by the Apple A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, delivering impressive speed and performance. Whether you're browsing the web, playing games, or using professional-grade apps, the A13 chip ensures smooth and efficient operation, making it capable of handling everything from basic tasks to more demanding applications.

Stunning Retina Display: The 10.2-inch Retina display with True Tone technology provides vibrant colors and sharp details, offering an immersive visual experience for all your activities. From watching movies and editing photos to reading and browsing, the display quality enhances every interaction.

Advanced Camera System: Featuring an 8MP Wide back camera and a 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage, the iPad is perfect for capturing high-quality photos and videos. The Center Stage feature automatically adjusts to keep you centered during video calls, making virtual interactions more engaging and professional.

Long Battery Life: With up to 10 hours of battery life, the iPad 10.2 is designed to keep up with your busy day. Whether you're working, studying, or enjoying entertainment, you can rely on the iPad to last throughout the day without needing frequent recharges.

Versatile Storage Options: Available in 64GB and 256GB storage capacities, the iPad provides flexible options to suit different needs. The 64GB model is perfect for everyday use, while the 256GB version caters to users who need more space for large files and media.

Support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard: The iPad 10.2 is compatible with the Apple Pencil (1st generation) and the Smart Keyboard, transforming it into a versatile tool for drawing, note-taking, and typing. This compatibility makes it an excellent choice for students, artists, and professionals who need a multi-functional device.

Why Imagine is the Best Choice for Your 2021 iPad 10.2 Purchase

Choosing Imagine for your 2021 iPad 10.2 purchase ensures an exceptional buying experience, backed by numerous advantages that set Imagine apart from other retailers. Imagine's expert staff provide personalized advice to help you select the perfect iPad model based on your needs, whether you're a student, professional, or casual user. At Imagine, you have access to a comprehensive range of Apple products and accessories, simplifying your shopping experience. Exclusive deals and promotions offer significant savings and added value, while exceptional after-sales support ensures your iPad remains in optimal condition. Imagine stores often feature demo units for hands-on experience, and educational workshops help you get the most out of your device. With convenient store locations and an easy-to-navigate online shopping platform, Imagine makes accessing their products and services seamless and satisfying. Imagine's dedication to customer satisfaction and extensive Apple product range make it the ideal destination for all your Apple needs.

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Powerful. Easy to use. Versatile. The new iPad has a beautiful 10.2-inch Retina display, powerful A13 Bionic chip, an Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage, and works with Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. iPad lets you do more, more easily. All for an incredible value.
Gorgeous 10.2-inch Retina display with True Tone
A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine
8MP Wide back camera, 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage
Up to 256GB storage
Stereo speakers
Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
802.11ac Wi-Fi
Up to 10 hours of battery life
Lightning connector for charging and accessories
Works with Apple Pencil (1st generation) and Smart Keyboard
iPadOS 15 is uniquely powerful, easy to use, and designed for the versatility of iPad
In The Box
USB-C to Lightning Cable
20W USB-C Power Adapter
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor
Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts
Apple One (1) Year Limited Warranty

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