Thank You

Thank You



Congratulations on your Trade-in. 





Next Steps in the journey: 

 Step 1: Complete your purchase of the new device on 
After your purchase, you will receive your new device.  
Kindly complete the data transfer from your old device soon. 
Step 2: Ample will connect with you and schedule a pick-up slot for the old device based on your convenience. 
Step 3: The Servify team will reach your location to evaluate your old phone’s condition on the given date for pick-up. Based on its evaluation, it may alter the quote (higher/lower amount). 
Step 4: Servify will then pay you the amount for your old device as per the quote. This completes the exchange process. 

 You can reach out to Ample on 08046999888 for any queries or help. 

Please keep the Order ID and Servify Code in hand when you do. 

 Thank you!



 1. Imagine by Ample will be charging you the price of the iPhone displayed online, and will not be deducting the Exchange Bonus and Exchange Value of the old device from the purchase amount. The reimbursement of these amounts is the sole prerogative of Servify.
2. Imagine by Ample will not generate any coupon/voucher using which you can claim a price lower than that quoted in (after deducting the exchange bonus & exchange resale value). This initiative is the responsibility of Servify alone.
3. The Partner visiting the customer’s place will not have any information on the exchange bonus offered by Ample. The partner will only pay for the exchange value of the old device. Exchange bonus will be settled to the customer after 3 working days of the exchange program.
4. The exchange service is available only in Bangalore and Chennai. Please check the pincode of service availability before availing the exchange program.
5. The pincode of new device purchase and exchange of old device has to be the same.
6. The Phone number for the new device purchase and old device exchange has to be the same, else the exchange bonus is not applicable.
7. The exchange program is executed by our partner. If you face any issues, please reach out to customer care or email us the issue.
8. Dead or damaged phones are not considered for evaluation. Exchange is valid for a particular model of devices.