Follow the path below to set Imagine’s exclusive ringtone on your phone.

Settings —> Sounds & Haptics —> Ringtone (Under Sounds & Haptics Patterns) —> Select Imagine Ringtone

Alternatively, you can follow the steps shown below:


1. Download and open Garageband from the App Store.

2. Once GarageBand launches, swipe to "AUDIO RECORDER" and select it.


3. Tap the grey lines in the upper left-hand corner.


4. Tap and disable the blue metronome icon in the upper middle of the screen.


5. Tap the grey loop icon in the upper right-hand corner.


6. Browse and find the ringtone file you downloaded from the "Files" section at the top of the screen.


7. Hold down the song and drag it into the workspace. Drag and move the song to the start of the timeline.


8. Tap the song on the timeline and click “settings.”


9. Slide and increase the “Gain” setting to +12.0 dB.


10. Then tap the small grey plus arrow in the upper left-hand corner and select “My Songs”.


11. To rename your song, double-tap the song file and give the desired name to your ringtone file by clicking “Rename”.


12. After renaming the ringtone, hold down on your song and select "Share."


13. Select "Ringtone"


14. Tap "Continue" on the next screen.

15. Click on "Export” in the top right-hand side corner.


16. Your ringtone should start exporting, as shown below.


17. Once the ringtone export is successful, tap the option for “Standard Ringtone” and select "Done".


18. The Imagine Ringtone is now your default ringtone for incoming calls. You can listen and groove to the catchy tune whenever your phone rings!